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 aqpicoObtaining Licences: Every activity, from commercial to educational needs to obtain the necessary licenses and acquire the required qualifications and standards in accordance with the Iranian legal system. Lawjip will provide you with a step-by-step guidance in this process.

aqpicoRegulations Concerning Import and Export: The activities of imports and exports in Iran is espoused by a series of laborious administrative procedures. Our legal team in Lawjip will fasten this process for you and facilitate your entrance in the Iranian market.

aqpicoCustom Related Services: Lawjip will assist you in the process of clearance of goods, obtaining the customs removal permit, filing customs declaration form and any other services relating to the custom laws of Iran.

aqpicoIranian Tax Law: The Iranian tax laws have gone through a dramatic change in recent years and not many lawyers have been able to keep track of these changes. You can always put your trust on Lawjip's advice on different types of income tax, capital market taxes and taxation of income for foreign companies earned either directly or through their branches in Iran.

aqpicoIranian Labor Law: if you want to establish your own business in Iran, you are advised to know your employees' rights and your obligations as employers. There are also some special regulations concerning the work of the foreign workers in Iran. We draft Employment Contracts, negotiate Settlement Agreements and assist you in the Process of Mediation.

aqpicoRegulations Concerning Free Zones and Special Economic Zones: Every investor in Iran shall be aware of the golden opportunities opened up in these areas. Lawjip will give you the information necessary for taking advantage of the opportunities in Free Zones and Special Economic Areas.

aqpicoIntellectual property: Due to its radically different system of IP protection, this area is always a source of concern for foreign investors. Our advice secures your interests in the area of Intellectual Property Registration, Intellectual Property Licensing and Intellectual Property Infringement.

aqpicoProperty Services: every foreign investor needs to know about the real estate ownership and its limitations, and the process of making lease contracts. Given our command of the Iranian legal system, Lawjip will provide you with constructive guidance on all aspects of Property Law.

aqpicoBusiness and Commercial Services: Lawjip can act on behalf of the Buyers and Sellers who seek to Buy or Sell goods or services and perform the preliminary negotiations. In this regard, the combination of our legal knowledge and commercial skills will produce the most desirable results for your business.

aqpicoBanking and Finance Services: our counselling services extend to Banking and Finance Law including L/C and T/T payments, confirmation and discounting. We draft and negotiate Loans and Facility Contracts, Security documentation including Debentures, Charges, Mortgages and Personal Guarantees.

aqpicoOil and Gas Services (Energy Law): as a profitable field of investment, Iran's vast reserves of energy have always attracted foreign entrepreneurs and corporations. However, this field particularly signifies a multidimensional legal area, giving rise to the most sophisticated legal questions under the rules of international commercial law and calling for the assistance of the most competent of lawyers. Lawjip's team of multilingual and specialized lawyers has particularly been tailored to meet the demands of our international clients in this field.

aqpicoDispute Resolutions: we employ such means as mediation, expert determination, and bespoke processes to reduce the expenses incurred by the parties involved in a dispute and offer them the opportunity to produce their case before an impartial mediator.

aqpicoLitigation services: Sometimes litigation and arbitration are the only course of action for resolution of your disputes. Lawjip, with its highly experienced lawyers, will accompany you in all stages of your litigation including contract disputes, property disputes, claims in torts, etc. Our litigation services also cover quasi-judicial bodies in Iran like Tax Dispute Settlement Commissions and the Commission of Resolving Disputes between Workers and Employers.


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