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Lawjip is an Iranian-based multilingual law firm specialised in different areas of international commercial law. Our team is composed of skilled and experienced legal advisers, national lawyers, and marketers. We have committed our services to assist our foreign and Iranian clients dealing with areas as broad as Iranian domestic laws to international commercial law and international marketing. To this end, we combine exceptional legal expertise with innovative thinking. Equipped as we are with these tools, we provide resourceful advice for our client on a wide range of legal issues (to see our areas of practice click here). Our services are rendered in a variety of languages, such as English, French, Chinese, Arabic and Persian, to accommodate your real interests and needs in the most efficient manner. Moreover, for your convenience, we have set up an online service system with a view to facilitating your communication with us.
We particularly take pride in our ability to be your most reliable companion throughout your business. Right from the beginning till realising your vision, you can count on us as a plausible source of legal counselling and financial advice. While our marketing analysts will provide you with an outlook of the Iranian financial landscape in each field, our legal advisers will give you sufficient information on the requirements of starting your business in Iran. What is more, our brokers will secure for you the deals of your dreams, and our lawyers stand by your rights in the courts of law. Your vision matters to us, and we are here to realize it for you.
We are passionately committed to the interests of our clients. We believe that it is only through mutual honesty and trust that we can provide our clients with fruitful, unparalleled and beneficial outcomes. Lawjip is proud of its reputation to respect and maintain the highest standards of professional ethics in business and law.


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marker-iconTehran: No. 48, 2nd floor, 3rd Andisheh Alley (western part), Andisheh St., Tehran, Iran.

marker-iconIsfahan: Ata Complex, Unit 5, 2nd floor, Alley No. 13, North Seikh Sadoogh St, Isfahan, Iran.

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