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seta02Amir Barmaki
Amir is one of Lawjip's top business development experts. He holds several degrees in business management and law. His working experience goes beyond the Middle East and extends to Canada and Britain. He has the experience of working for the most prestigious international organisations in Iran and many other foreign countries.

seta02Dr. Mazyar Shokrani

Thanks to his professional experience in South East Asia and Iran, Dr. Shokrani serves as the Lawjip's special representative and business developer in China. His experience and knowledge particularly work to the advantage of our clients from South East Asia with an invested interest in the Iranian market.

seta02Mohammadreza Aramesh
Mohammadreza is a very active legal counsel in the area of business law. By virtue of his extensive dealings with the various sectors of business in Iran, he also qualifies as a very efficient marketing advisor whose skills of networking and knowledge of business in Iran are geared to assist our Iranian and non-Iranian clients.


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marker-iconTehran: No. 48, 2nd floor, 3rd Andisheh Alley (western part), Andisheh St., Tehran, Iran.

marker-iconIsfahan: Ata Complex, Unit 5, 2nd floor, Alley No. 13, North Seikh Sadoogh St, Isfahan, Iran.

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