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seta02Dr. Mazyar Shokrani
Maziyar holds a PhD degree in international law from Xiamen University in China. He also obtained a Master degree in Comparative law at University of Delhi, India. He has also worked as a legal adviser for several Iranian and Chinese companies. His field of expertise includes Chinese law, investment law, economic law and public international law. Mazyar is a fluent speaker of such languages as English, French, and Chinese together with Persian.

  seta02Marzieh Nikouei

In a similar manner to most members of the Lawjip team, Marzieh's legal career is informed by both a long-standing counselling experience and an interest in academic research. Marzieh is currently completing a PhD at the University of Tehran. Her specialty lies in the fields of International Business Law, Iranian Commercial Law and Private Law. She is a lecturer of Trade Law, and currently teaches in several universities in Iran. She also holds a reputation for being a distinguished Attorney at Law in Iran.
seta02Mohammad Ali Baqersad
Mohammad is specialised in the field of energy law, and he is currently completing a PhD at the University of Shahid Beheshti in the same field. In particular, his expertise lies in the fields of Oil and Gas law. He has completed his L.L.M. degree in Intellectual Property Law and as a result, his counselling services are rendered also in the areas of trademarks, patents, and other IP matters.

seta02Rasoul Zahed
Upon attaining his L.L.M degree in international trade law, Rasul worked as legal adviser to the city of Isfahan's Chamber of Commerce for several years. Rasul is a multilingual speaker, and can deliver legal counselling in Persian, English, French and Spanish.


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